How to maintain your heirloom Carousel and Snow Globe


Due to the function, size, weight and delicate parts included in your carousel or snow globe, please carefully follow these common sense care instructions:

  • Place your items in a safe location away from reach of small children, as they are NOT a toy.
  • These items are NOT toys, children must be supervised at all times.
  • Take extra care when handling them, pick up the item carefully holding and supporting the base.
  • Do not "over wind" the musical dial - one turn is enough to play its lullaby. 
  • To ensure longevity of your item, gently dust with a feather duster & gently wipe the globe with a dry soft cotton cloth. 
  • On the Le Dream - as there are so many moving functions on this piece, sometimes the ponies can get stuck when working in sync. Try gently moving the individual ponies up and down gently and very slowly, so that they start to move up and down on their own again.

Please remember, to maintain the quality of your items you must handle with care.

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