What are preserved flowers?

Wish Emporium has been offering our customers beautifully preserved flowers since February 2018. 

Flower preservation itself is not new, it has existed for centuries, making its way through history from the tombs of ancient pharaohs to the Victorian Era where it was first believed, that giving and receiving a bouquet of flowers had a deeper unspoken meaning. 

Giving flowers that were designed to last has come along way, especially with new modern techniques ensuring that they’re here to stay. 

Wish Emporium Preserved Rose

Our flowers are preserved using a gentle & safe technique. The fresh flowers are cut at their fullest bloom, they then undergo a rehydration technique utilising a gentle solution made from Glycerine and other plant elements. The flower then absorbs the solution until it completely substitutes its sap.

This method of preservation technique uses the same solutions and colourants that are found in food, medical and textile manufacturing and does not represent a health or environmental risk to you or your environment.

Wish Emporium only offer the highest quality preserved flowers on the market. The flowers and foliage we use are cultivated in our supplier's dedicated farms to meet size and quality standards. They undergo strict quality control to ensure that our preserved flowers meet the high-quality standards of our brand.

We only use ethical and sustainably developed suppliers with eco-friendly production practices.

The final result is a gently preserved flower, vibrant with colour and beauty that is here to stay.

With proper care and consideration, our carefully selected, preserved roses can last from 1 – 3 years*, and those encased in our acrylic boxes can last up to 10 years*.

*These are not guarantees, they are merely estimated time frames that are dependent on the handling, placement & condition of the environment the flowers are/or have been in since delivery. 


Unlike fresh flowers, preserved flowers have had their pollen and stamen removed making them allergen free.

Preserved Flowers are excellent value for money, as their beauty lasts much longer than their fresh or dried alternatives.

Preserved flowers are better for the environment and have a lower carbon footprint.