A Magical Christmas Wish With Princess Rosie

A Christmas wish is compelling and powerful. Use your wish wisely, and it might come true! On Christmas morning, we were besotted with the reaction of Princess Rosie's sweet little face! She wished for a magical carousel for Christmas, and Santa delivered (with a helping hand of course).

WE just consider ourselves incredibly blessed with the best job in the world! By offering keepsake gifts, we get to spark joy and create magical memories for little princesses, just like Rosie, around the world.

And through the magic of Instagram, we cannot get enough of the adorable interactions and photos we receive. The excitement and wonder on the face of this little princess made our day.

We especially LOVE connecting with all the wonderful mama's out there in Social Media land. We just had to share this snippet from Rosie's wonderful day, and her gorgeous (inside and out) mama, Amber Fillerup. 

There is nothing this blue-eyed, blonde bombshell of a mama cannot do! Along with being the doting mama to three of the most adorable little cutie pies (and cutie pup), she is also a superwoman empire and the Founder of @BarefootBlonde, and @DaeHair

For a glimpse into their adorable family lifestyle, and hair tutorials that will have you swooning to pick up a hairbrush, follow her on Instagram @AmberFillerup  

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