Each Wish Emporium floral arrangement is put together by hand, literally, and made-to-order. This ensures you benefit from the maximum lifespan of our flowers.

We also ensure that all branding on our products can be removed, so they can be adored undistracted.

Preserved flowers will fade in colour over time, this is to be expected and a natural part of the preservation process.

With proper care and consideration, our carefully selected preserved roses can last from 1 ‚Äď 3 years*, and those encased in our acrylic boxes can last up to 10 years*.

*These are not guarantees, they are merely estimated time frames that are dependent on the handling, placement & condition of the environment the flowers are/or have been in since delivery. 

Care Instructions:

  • You may cut the stems of your flowers to suit your vase size. Please cut on a 35-degree angle and allow the cut stems to dry by placing a paper towel at the base of your vase before you put them in. Please remove paper towel after 2 hours.
  • Please do not water, or spray the flowers with any chemicals or perfumes. Water and chemicals will damage the flowers.
  • Avoid hot/humid environments and exposure to direct sunlight, as this can cause the colour to fade.
  • If your floral arrangement collects dust after some time, please use a feather duster to lightly loosen and remove the dust.
  • Avoid direct contact with fabrics, furniture, walls, oil paint, varnish etc.
  • Avoid directly touching the preserved flowers. Do not push or press them either, moisture and body oils will diminish their lifespan.
  • Upon delivery, you may notice that your flowers may be slightly misshaped, due to securing them for their postal journey. Do not worry, carefully place them in your vase and they will revert back to their original shape over time.
  • Please keep your flowers upright. Do not lay them down as the preservation sap from the stems my transfer.
  • Petals may soften or fall over time. Colours may also differ, fade or run over time. This is a completely natural part of the preservation process.
  • Do not consume the flowers.

Please remember, to maintain the delicate beauty of these preserved roses, you must handle with care and consideration. 



Due to the function, size, weight and delicate parts included in your carousel or snow globe, please carefully follow these common sense care instructions:

  • Place your items in a safe location away from reach of small children, as they are NOT a toy.
  • These items are NOT toys, children must be supervised at all times.
  • Take extra care when handling them, pick up the item carefully holding and supporting the base.
  • Do not "over wind"¬†the musical dial - one¬†turn is enough to play¬†its¬†lullaby.¬†
  • To ensure longevity of your item, gently dust¬†with a feather duster &¬†gently wipe the globe with a dry soft cotton cloth.¬†
  • On the Le Dream - as there are so many moving functions on this piece, sometimes the ponies¬†can get stuck when working in¬†sync. Try gently moving the individual ponies up and down gently and very slowly, so that they start to¬†move¬†up and down on their own again.

Please remember, to maintain the quality of your items you must handle with care.


Please visit our Terms & Conditions for further details on conditions of sale.